Termite Treatment Sydney – The Obvious Choice

If you are unfortunate enough to have a termite problem in your house, you should engage professionals as soon as possible to bring the infestation under control.  Certified Pest Solutions are very experienced when it comes to treating active termite infestations.  By choosing us for your termite treatment needs, you can have peace of mind that everything is being taken care of by people who have the right knowledge, experience and equipment.

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Why Choose Us?

16 Years Experience

We have treated every type of white ant pest problems in the Sydney area.  Rest assured that our termite control methods are very effective.  One we have treated the active infestations, we will put in place strategies to prevent them from occurring again in the future.  We can then perform an assessment of the damage (if any) to assess if there is any loss of structural integrity.

Safe Treatments

Don’t risk getting your house sprayed with high toxicity outdated treatments. Our treatments are safe for pregnant women, the elderly, children, plants, and pets.  For more information about the products we use please contact us.

Licensed & Insured

You can feel secure knowing we are ant control specialists and are fully insured.  All of our pest controllers are hand-picked and additionally trained by Certified Pest Solutions to a very high level.

Minimal Disturbance

All our treatments are carried with little to no disturbance to you.  This means you can get back to your normal pest-free life faster.

Highly Punctual

We show up on time with a scheduled appointment.  We understand that bringing a termite problem under control quickly can reduce the risk of damage to your house.  Our on-time track record speaks for itself.

So for all your termite treatment requirements in Sydney and surrounds, Certified Pest Solutions are the obvious choice.  Our specialist pest controllers are ready and waiting to service your area.  Call us now on 1300714092.