Termite Inspections Sydney – What You Need To Know

Regular white ant assessment are a cornerstone to protecting your biggest investment.  The damage that termites can cause often goes unnoticed until it is too late.  Because termites cause problems silently, people often forget to have inspections done or put little importance on them.  Think of a termite assessment like an insurance policy, can you afford to go without? An annual inspection ensures that any infestation is detected and eliminated before it causes significant damage to your house.

termite assessment

Why Choose Us?

Certified Pest Solutions have been in the pest control industry for a long time.  They have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get the job done properly the first time around.  By choosing us for your next termite inspection, you can rest assured that your house is safe.  This is because our inspections are incredibly comprehensive, and exceed national recommendations.

We leave no stone un-turned in our inspections and ensure that not only the structure of the house is clear, but also nearby wooden structures.  Infestation of nearby wood such as garden sheds and wood piles can pose a risk to your house.

If our specialists find any evidence of active termite infestation in the structure of your house, we can then guide you through tailored and cost effective termite treatment plans. So whatever your termite inspections Sydney requirements, we can get it done. If you would like to schedule your termite inspection, or have any other pest management issues please contact us on 1300714092 today.