Termite Protection – The Right Choice

We all know that termites can rapidly damage a house, in some cases to a degree where major structural rebuilding or even demolition may be required.  With the median house price in Sydney pushing $1 million, do you want to take the risk?

It is so much easier and less destructive to PREVENT a white ant infestation rather than treat one.  Termite protection is a very important preventative measure the homeowners can take to protect their biggest investment. Often comprehensive termite barriers can be installed when a house is built, in other cases existing houses can have preventative measures implemented which can be effective for many years.

And for your peace of mind, if white ants return to your house within the warranty period, we will continue to treat your residence at no cost until they are gone.

termite prevention5 Reasons To Choose Certified Pest Solutions

16 Years Experience: We have treated every type of ant pest problems in the Sydney area.  Rest assured that our termite control methods are safe and incredibly effective.

Safe Treatments: Don’t risk getting your house sprayed with high toxicity outdated treatments. Safe for pregnant women, the elderly, children, plants, and pets.

Licensed & Insured: You can feel secure knowing we are white ant control specialists and are fully insured.

Minimal Disturbance: All our treatments are carried with little to no disturbance to you.

Highly Punctual: We show up on time with a scheduled appointment.

Solve your termite pest problem today and schedule an inspection now.

All our services comply with the following bodies >>

  • Worksafe Australia
  • National Occupational Health & Safety Commission
  • Environmental Protection Authority (E.P.A.)
  • NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service
  • State Department of Health
  • National Pest Management Industry
  • Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service

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