The Story Behind Indian Mynas

Indian Mynas – A Pest Species

If you live in New South Wales, you must almost certainly be aware of Indian Mynas.  You may not know the name, but I’m sure you will soon know what we are talking about.  They are an incredibly aggressive bird species that were introduced into Australia.  They are destroying native bird habitats, and the government has stepped in. Do you recognize the bird in the above picture?  Yes, that is the notorious Indian Myna, and it is causing major problems.

indian myna

The Indian Myna bird was introduced into Australia and several other countries to reduce the number of insect pests in agricultural areas.  Much like the cane toad, it was the introduced species that ended up becoming more of a problem than the original pest.  In fact, in recent polls, the Indian Myna came out as the most annoying pest in the country.  That’s right, above the fox, feral cats and even the cane toad!

Indian Mynas Can Significantly Alter The Bird Populations Of Entire Suburbs

It may be hard not to witness the nasty behavior of the Indian Myna bird when going to your local park.  They are incredibly common and have been known to take over entire suburbs, displacing native birds species.  From destroying nesting sites and hollows of natives birds, to even causing native bird injuries and deaths; it’s all been a bit too much. There have any been case reports of this bird species attacking humans.

Now some communities are fighting back.  With the assistance of local councils, the government and trapping programs, the Myna population is some regions has been reduced significantly.  Many local councils have established a trap hiring process where members of the public can borrow traps to collect these birds and humanely euthanize them.  If you ae considering this, please note that the birds can also carry diseases which can be transmitted to humans.  Some councils recommend to wear gloves and even a face mask when handling the birds, but of course common sense should prevail and wash your hands after handling them.

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