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We Trap, Remove and Stop Possums.  Possum control Sydney for Just $249 – Best Value Guaranteed!

Our possum removal service starts at just $249 and comes with up to 12 Months Warranty*. You won’t a find better price for the quality of service anywhere else in Sydney.

With a simple phone call on 1300 714 092, one of our technicians can come to you and fix your possum problem straight away.

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5 Reasons to Choose Certified Pest Solutions

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16 Years Experience: We know how to get rid of possums.  We have treated all types of rodent related problems in the Sydney area.  When it comes to possum control Sydney, we truly are the experts.

Safe Treatments: Safe for pregnant women, the elderly, children, plants, and pets.

Licensed & Insured: You can feel secure knowing we are possum control specialists and are fully insured.

Minimal Disturbance: All our treatments are carried with little to no disturbance to you.

Highly Punctual: We show up on time with a scheduled appointment.

4 Steps to Guaranteed Possum Eradication

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Step 1: Assess

We send a Certified Pest Solutions technician the noise in the roof, which may well be caused by roof rats, birds or other animals.

Step 2: Implement

Once it is established that possums are dwelling in the roof, our technicians set cages for the animal.

Step 3: Monitor

Cages are checked on a daily basis until the offending critter is caught. Our technicians then release the possum back into the wild, taking special care not to harm or stress the animal in the process.

Step 4: Prevent

Once it has been established that there are no more possums in your roof, our technicians seal all the entry points.

After the service your Certified Pest Solutions technician documents all services performed, any vermin activity, ways to correct problems, and any recommendations.

Solve your problem today and call 1300 714 092 for a free quote or leave your details here and we’ll call you back today.

All our services comply with the following bodies >>

  • Worksafe Australia
  • National Occupational Health & Safety Commission
  • Environmental Protection Authority (E.P.A.)
  • NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service
  • State Department of Health
  • National Pest Management Industry
  • Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service

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