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7 Reasons to choose us

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16 Years Experience: Whether it’s ants, nasty bed bugs, roaches, bees & wasps, spiders, rats & mice, possums or something else, we have treated every type of pest problems in the Sydney area.

Safe Treatments: Our pest control company only uses low-toxicity products for all treatments. Safe for pregnant women, the elderly, children, plants, and pets.

Licensed & Insured: You can feel secure knowing we are fully qualified and licensed pest control specialists and are fully insured.

Minimal Disturbance: All of our control treatments are carried out with little to no disturbance to you, allowing you to get back to your pest-free life quicker.

Highly Punctual: We show up on time with a scheduled appointment.

Committed to Results: Let us fix your bed bug problem.

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3 Steps For Guaranteed Pest Eradication


Step 1: Assess

A Certified Pest Solutions technician will perform an extensive inspection of your property. We detect any environmental issues or structural conditions conducive to pests.

Step 2: Implement

If evidence of a pest infestation is found, we will select the most effective treatment with the least impact on the environment.

Step 3: Prevent

During the service inspection we monitor for signs of pest activity and look for pest-conducive conditions. Using these methods we can lower the risk of future infestations.

After the service your Certified Pest Solutions technician will document all of the services performed, including pest activity, ways to correct problems, and any recommendations.

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All our services comply with the following bodies >>

  • Worksafe Australia
  • National Occupational Health & Safety Commission
  • Environmental Protection Authority (E.P.A.)
  • NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service
  • State Department of Health
  • National Pest Management Industry
  • Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service