About Us

Certified Pest Solutions has been protecting Sydney homes and businesses of all kinds with customised pest management programs for over 16 years.


Our goal is to get rid of pests as fast as possible and keep them out as long as possible. This is why we have to be so thorough in all areas of our work. From pest inspection, to eradication, protection and prevention, we always take our time to do the best we possibly can.

We are delighted that you are considering us to be your pest management provider. We would love to have an opportunity to be able to have a quick chat to you over the phone to discuss your pest situation and pest management requirements.

Our technicians are well experienced in dealing with all kind of pests and are waiting by the phone to help you and provide you with the right advice and a fast and competitive quotation.

Give us a call now on 0435801801 or leave your details here for us to give you a call back.